Quality control

The productive process is carefully checked at each stage.
Each line is equipped with a multi-hopper gravimetric doser, automatically managed by the ERP system that tracks the consumption and the distinctive elements of the transformed raw materials for each order.

Reception of the raw material

  • Check of the package integrity
  • Check of the documents and CoA
  • Identification of the material through the ean codes (tracking)

Production of semifinished and final product

  • Dimension tests (weight-metre, thickness, linear measures and resistance)
  • Visual inspection and hygiene
  • Corona treatment test
  • Flexographic print test
  • Welding test
  • Labelling with an identifying label

Realese of the final product

  • Visual inspection of the package, pallet and labelling process
  • Double check of the records relative to the production and quality control
  • Issue of a declaration of compliance (if requested)

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